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Māori Photographer Tania Niwa announced as a Canon Master Australia & New Zealand

Fusing the complexities of culture and personal storytelling, Tania proudly represents her Māori ancestry, sharing her learnings with the world. “Tēnā tātou – Greetings … Am elated to share I’m one of 15 Canon Masters for Australia & Aotearoa – New Zealand. Over the last 24yrs decades I’ve greatly appreciated exceptional support and friendship from […]

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Tikanga An Introduction to te āo Māori Book

Tikanga – A Guide to Te Āo Māori Book

Over the last few months I have been working alongside Māori expert Keri Opai and Upstart Press to create Tikanga – An introduction to te ao Maori. Here is a preview of what you will see. Tikanga An Introduction to te ao Māori – our book is out now. Written by my esteemed friend Keri […]

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