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Māori Photographer Tania Niwa announced as a Canon Master Australia & New Zealand

Fusing the complexities of culture and personal storytelling, Tania proudly represents her Māori ancestry, sharing her learnings with the world. “Tēnā tātou – Greetings … Am elated to share I’m one of 15 Canon Masters for Australia & Aotearoa – New Zealand. Over the last 24yrs decades I’ve greatly appreciated exceptional support and friendship from […]

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Owae Marae Waitara, Mt Taranaki Landscape connecting Australian Maori

This is a super sized (1.25 metre) canvas artwork I’ve just produced for a Sydney family featuring Owae Marae, Waitara and the majestic Mt Taranaki (also known as Maunga Taranaki or Mt Egmont). The traditional carved Maori Meeting House belongs to the Maori people of the Te Atiawa tribe, from which I descend as does the […]

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